Movie Marathon

Our game plan for this weekend: Movie Marathon

Attendees: Me, Rhoda and Dulce

Cinemalaya: Bwakaw, Ang Nawawala then The Dark Knight Rises. That’s three movies in a row. Haha.What we didn’t expect: Tickets for Cinemalaya (yes, both movies we wanted to watch) were already sold out. I know, we should have bought tickets before hand.

Oh, well. change of plans. We decided to watch a Dolphy movie instead and we were lucky to catch My Heart Belongs to Daddy just in time. Bongga! Old school ang peg! Ang mga kasabay namin manood parang mga doble o triple na ng edad namin. Wahahaha. Kami lang ata ang naligaw dun. Lahat ng tao asa Cinemalaya o Dark Knight.

Well, what do you expect from a Dolphy movie? Of course it was funny. It was a good thing there were only a few of us inside the theater. The three of us were laughing so loud and side comments were thrown left and right. It was a treat seeing one of best comedians on screen again. Indeed, you never fail to make us smile. But what made us laugh so hard was one of the talents he discovered: Mr. Ronnie Ricketts! Oh wow. All I can say was we were surprised to see a very different side of him in this movie. If you need a good laugh, go catch this movie and see how different Ronnie Ricketts was when he started…. We came out still laughing and talking about him. Wahahahaha!

The initial plan was to watch The Dark Knight Rises at Robinsons Galleria so that we get that free meal at Burgoo. But I had another agenda and so we decided to watch the movie at Megamall instead.

I went to do my thing while they buy tickets. The earliest screening schedule that they could get starts at 5:55 and we still had two hours to spare. We were supposed to look for Rhoda’s poledancing shorts and Sofitel outfit when we spotted Akiba Cafe and decided to try it out.

I got their Matcha Chiru, Rhoda chose Jap Choco Yougurt and Dulce ordered a Nutty Macadamia Kohi. We were in luck because they have a discount on their cakes from 1-5pm so we choose a slice of the Cream Puff Cake.

Jap Choco Yogurt and a slice of Cream Puff Cake

Jap Choco Yogurt and a slice of Cream Puff Cake

The Cream Puff Cake looked better on display but it was an okay cake. Nothing to make you say yum with every bite. The drinks were really good though. I really liked my Matcha Chiru.

While we were busy with our drinks, one of the staff approached us and asked us to pick a piece of paper from a bag for a chance to get discounts on our next transaction. Rhoda and Dulce both got lucky and got 50% off on any order of a drink or a slice of cake. The staff was friendly and informed us that their promo ends tomorrow. We immediately choose to order two more slices of cake.

Green Tea Cheesecake

Wow. Their Green Tea Cheesecake became an instant favorite. Hindi naman mashadong halata na favorite ko ang Green Tea noh? Hahaha. Green Tea overload kaya anong oras na, gising na gising pa din ako. Oh, right. We got so excited to try it that we forgot to take its picture first before digging in. So if it looks small in the picture, we apologize. We already had a few bites before we remembered to take a picture. ^__^v


Next, Tiramisu. My first comment after taking a bite: “Hindi tama ito. Bakit ganito? Ang sarap!” And both girls agreed. We loved both cakes better than the first one we got. The staff asked us how the cakes were and we answered with very big smiles on our faces.

Time check. We finished our drinks and started to search for things we need for next week’s agenda. We looked around for a few minutes. Since the tickets we got were free seating, we came back and the line was already a bit long.

The Dark Knight Rises Official Poster

We knew that the movie will be a long one, almost three hours, so we took a bathroom break first before the movie. I don’t even know how to start describing the movie. All I can say that I came out with puffy and teary eyes, sniffing but happy. I have a feeling that I will wake up tomorrow with my eyes all red. My only complaint was that I couldn’t understand majority of what Bane was saying. I wish they dubbed some of his lines instead. Sabi nga ni Zaicy “Si Bane parang ngongo na nagsasalita sa tapat ng electric fan.” Hahahaha.

Nakakagutom yung movie. Napagod ako. At gusto ko pa ng take two sa IMAX kasi meron daw scenes na hindi kasali sa regular screening pero asa IMAX. Kaso tight ang budget. 🙂

1am na at tinatamaan na ako ng antok. Nytnyt! Busy day uli bukas mamaya pagkagising.



Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight

I know that there are tons of reviews of Twilight out there over the net, but since I made some reference of it in one of my previous post, I felt I needed to continue and review the series.

I am well aware that with this, I am treading dangerous waters. Especially to those serious and die-hard fanatics of the series. This how I felt while I was reading the books. I still remember how it felt even though it has been a while since I read them.

Like I said, it has been a while since I have read the series and it wouldn’t be fair to break this down per book. I first heard about this series from my cousin. She kept telling me amazing the book was and so when another friend finished her book, I borrowed Twilight and read it. When I finished it, I texted my cousin and told her that it was an okay book. I had a feeling that if I had come across the first book  when I was younger (like, in high school maybe?) I would have loved it completely.

The only character that intrigued me got very little role on the first book that I didn’t think he would appear in the succeeding books. Even before Taylor Lautner was casted as Jacob Black, I already found the character interesting.

When I learned that the second book took a new turn, I gave the series a second shot and read it. I know that members of Team Edward didn’t love New Moon, but I did. I was thankful that Meyer gave Jacob his much needed ‘air time’ so to speak.

I had nothing against Edward, I was even disappointed that his book didn’t make it out the market. I believed it would have been an interesting one. It’s just that… I’m not sold out on Bella’s character. And the ending. Oh God, the ending! It felt rushed to me. Breaking Dawn was thick, no arguments about that. Towards the end, I felt the pressure to end the book considering the length it has already accumulated during the switch of point of views between two characters of the series. It was a little awkward and rushed for me. Because of that I’m not that excited to watch the second part of the Breaking Dawn movie.

Hands down, Meyer was a good writer. She was able to pull the emotions out from you no matter what “team” you are on. I couldn’t remember any other book or  author that made me cry as much as Meyer’s Eclipse and the first part of Breaking Dawn had. Meyer, is an amazing author. Not many could pull of what she has done. I just think that a fifth book would have been beneficial.

Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments Series

I just finished reading the fourth book of the series Mortal Instruments. And before I started writing a review, I found out it will be released as a movie August next year, which is not really surprising since that seems to be the trend these days.

I bought these series last year but I never got around to actually reading it, until a few weeks ago and I was glad I did. So here goes my take on the series that started to grow on me (don’t worry, no spoilers here).

Book One: City of Bones

The book was okay. Nothing particularly new to me. Clare was good in creating pretty interesting characters but there was a twist towards the end that I wasn’t particularly fond of. It just wasn’t my thing and it took me a few days before I convinced myself to open the second book, hoping it was just like Twilight wherein I liked the second book than the first, and I was right.

Like Twilight, the first book didn’t do much for me but I was intrigued by the individuality of rest of the characters, and not really the love story of the main couple. I wanted to see how Alec would get over his issues. What would make the perfect Isabelle loose her composure? How far Simon would go for the person he loves even though she doesn’t really need his protection? The humor Magnus Bane injects in the serious cast. Lastly, Luke who has provided protection and radiates wisdom with his every move.

These interesting characters and the promise that Jace and Clary might not be who they think they are made me open the second book:

Book Two: City of Ashes

And the war with Valentine begins. Jace struggles with himself as he faces the man who raced him to be the warrior that he is.

Things are starting to heat up as more of Jace’s past has been revealed, and questions were answered.I enjoyed this book more than the first one but there was still something missing for me. I guess there were a little too much secrets hidden with Jace’s past that I didn’t think were necessary for the story to work, but hey, that’s just me.

I know it was just me, but even though the twist in the first book was hinted to be untrue, I still had a hard time getting over it. So I started rooting for another couple that I am loving with every page I read. Their few and short moments made the book worth reading. Plus, I love the way Simon handled himself throughout the book.

Looks like Clare takes her time, I’m thinking it may start a little slow for my taste but I must admit, Mortal Instruments is starting to grow on me. But I’m not getting my hopes very high up just yet.

Book Three: City of Glass

The war against Valentine all out in the open, this book has more action the the first two books and if the first book didn’t really get me hooked, this definitely did it! With death lurking in the corner, people started being honest with their feelings.

Questions were answered and even more secrets were revealed. To be honest, the first two books were all a blur to me and could be compressed into one instead. But this book is still clear as glass in my memory and I wouldn’t dare change a single word from it. The kick I was looking for finally came through. Heart clenching and I almost cried at some parts. Almost.

Clare, we are finally getting somewhere after the long wait. The first two were a fun ride, but this one? This is it!

Book Four: City of Fallen Angels

Actually, I was surprised to know that the Mortal Instruments wasn’t a trilogy and, in fact, has six books. I was pretty satisfied with the way the third book ended, but I was more than glad that I would be spending more time with Magnus and Alec and Simon. The end was a cliff hanger but a good one.

Dear Clare, we have come a long way and I was glad I bought your books that year. I am so sorry I waited this long before actually reading them. But we’re here now. There’s no going back.

Now I can’t wait to get my hands on:

Book Five: City of Lost Souls

This was released last May in the US but I still haven’t seen this book at any of our stores yet, I can’t wait to get a copy.

I found an ebook off the net. A separate review here.

Book Six: City of Heavenly Fire

Scheduled for released on March 2014.

Wow. That is a pretty long wait there, Clare. But that’s fine. take all the time you need. I know you like to keep up the suspense and leave us wanting more, end this series with a bang, but a good one I hope. I have had disappointing endings with a number of series I have read. I sincerely hope this series isn’t one of those. I would really hate to see a rushed ending. Go for it!

I guess I need to read the prequel of Mortal Instruments – Inferal Devices while while waiting….


Bago pa ako sipagin gumawa ng sariling blog, sa Notepad lang ako nagbblog. Kamusta naman. Hahaha! ^__^?

Para naman may pandagdag ng laman sa blog, share ko na din dito yung mga makalumang “blog entries”.

Eto ang isa sa mga jurasic blog entries ko gamit ang  Notepad.

Filename: Ghosts

You have until the hour you die to do everything you’ve ever really wanted to do and say everything you’ve ever really wanted to say. It sounds less fair when you get older.

I Wrote This For You, The Eventual Ghost


That time when everything stopped. Everything starts to fade into nothingness. No flashes from the past. No nothing. Just calmness. A sense of feeling that everything is and will be okay. A temptation to let all go and leave it behind.

You close your eyes and embrace the darkness.

You stop hearing the voices calling out to you. Asking you questions you no longer need to answer just because it no longer meant anything. A panicking voice of a woman desperately calling for help. All of it, slowly fading into silence.

You stop feeling. You stop shivering from the cold.

All that is left still working for you is your mind. Showing you the people that were a part of you. Allowing you to say a few words: Sorry. Take Care. Thank you. Those words were chosen as faces come and go in your subconscious mind. Every single person took the words in with a nod. A confirmation that it is indeed ok. Except one. Asking a question before you could even say a word.

Are you happy?

It was a question you knew you no longer have to answer. But you chose to answer.

And with it came the light. A voice inside your head telling you to come back. What you want was given to you and it ends here.

You open your eyes and remember everything. The what. The who. The why.

The very things that didn’t seem to matter a few moments ago meant everything to you now.

And now, you try your hardest to do everything you want with what is available to you, so that when that time comes again and someone asks, “Are you happy?” you know how to answer.

Thank you.

I whip my hair back and forth

After a lot of convincing  and threats from my best friend, I finally gave in and started blogging. I know starting one requires a lot of hard work. Not to mention, patience too (which I have very little of). Good thing there’s Google to help me start a decent blog. I wanted to make it look more like a website instead of a blog. After days I was ready to give up multiple tries, I decided to change the theme instead and it finally worked out. Turns out, the first theme I chose didn’t support the things I wanted to be done. >__<

Enough about the pains I went through starting this blog, and let’s get this blog thing started!

Last Saturday was one of the walang pahinga weekends. I went swimming with a friend in the morning. This was the second time I tried to teach someone to swim. Don’t get any ideas, my first student was a clueless 9 year old kid, and my second student was worse. She is terribly afraid of the water and couldn’t manage to float. The moment I let go of her she panics and goes down. After an hour, she managed to float all by herself… for 5 seconds. Hahaha. Not bad. At least we were making progess. Baby steps are important too, you know. 🙂

From Marikina Sports Center, I rushed to Makati to meet another friend. We scheduled to get our hair done at Regine’s Salon located at the second floor of The Link in front of Landmark in Makati.

I don’t usually let anyone touch my hair but my trusted hairstylist, Andre, but he moves around a lot and I was forced to look for a new one.

We found Regine’s a few minutes early and the place was full. Good thing we called ahead and reserved two slots with their hairstylist Rexie.

Chic interiors – check!

Accommodating staff – double check!

After getting my hair washed, I waited for Rexie for a few minutes, Mimi ( I think that was her name) started chatting  and suggested that I get my eyebrows fixed. I wasn’t in the mood to argue so I said okay, wishing Rexie would forget.

When Rexie was ready, he introduced himself and we started chatting while he does his magic. Once he was done, he moved on to my friend. Mimi was there the second Rexie left. Mimi called Rexie when she saw that my eyebrows were left untouched, and Rexie came back to fix them. Too bad Mimi wasn’t ready to leave my eyebrows alone, good thing Rexie was really good at what he does and my eyebrows came out perfect.

Moments later, Rosa, the human hair blow dryer, came and dried my hair. Mimi, holding the blow dryer, together with the Rosa’s expertise, tamed my curls.

This I gotta say, I was satisfied with Andre’s before, but Rexie, Mimi and Rose’s combined forces made me forget how good Andre was (sorry Andre ~__~’ ). I couldn’t remember the last time my hair looked this good!

Here is one of the best hair days I ever had:

Rexie, Mimi and Rosa can I take you home with me?

My friend was more than satisfied with her hair too.

Ang ganda ng lola ko! ^__^

Our hair literally was whipping back and forth with the wind and we loveeeet!

My hair wasn’t as lovely after taking a bath, but t it was still better than my wild curls.I will definitely come back. Rexie agreed that red looks good on me. A suggestion that I don’t intend to ignore. ^__^

Hair cut costs = Php400.00

The Link Branch

2nd Level, The Link
North Drive cor. Makati Ave.
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number
(+63 2) 856-1723, (+63 2) 856-1724