30 before 30

After graduating from college and getting my first job, it felt that time was going way too fast. And it only goes faster. In four years, I will be turning 30 and I was in a state of panic. What happened? Where did my life go? Why haven’t I gotten anywhere? These questions started to bother me. Then I remebered a friend’s advice way back when I was in college. “Good things over bad.” she said.

So when I saw this blog, I asked myself, ‘why not?’ and making my own list and encouragng my friends to do the same. Now I’m looking forward at the next four years doing these things. Here is what I came up with. Nothing final and the list continues to change from time to time.

1. Wear a two piece

2. Climb Mt. Pinatubo

3. Learn to surf

4. Sing

5. Ride a rollercoaster – check May 13, 2012 @ Star City’s Star Flyer

6. Go on a Safari adventure – jo’s 26th bday @ zoobic safari and ocean adventure in subic – may 27, 2012

7. Take up archery as a serious sport and join a (minor) tournament

8. Try Bikram yoga

9. Learn aerial dancing

10. Try at least one: wakeboarding, windsurfing, hangliding

11. Ride the bicol express train

12. Swim with the dolphins or whale sharks

13. Adopt a kid for the holidays

14. Swim with the stingless jellyfish

15. Dye my hair red

16. Watch ballet / another musical featuring Michael Williams.

17. Take “The Plunge” in Bohol

18. Be a licensed diver

19. Get a golden retriever

20. Help build a house/ volunteer for a cause

21. Ride a bike/ATV

22. Go to a pink sand beach

23. Try Anti-gravity yoga

24. Go and see Batanes

25. Be a barista for a day

26. Go to Japan to see the cherry blossoms

27. Travel solo

28. Make a 3 tiered cake

29. Prepare a complete meal for 30 people

30. Be brave.


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