23. Try Anti-gravity yoga


My brother joined Rhoda and I when we decided to try Anti-gravity yoga at Beyond Yoga at BCG. Like our TRX Suspension training, we first experienced Fly Fitness which is usually practiced by regulars, for first timers it would be better to try Fundamentals first. Since we were already there in class, Teacher Paulo introduced himself and the anti-gravity hammock to us.


My new love. The Anti-gravity hammock. Made out of 12ft x 9ft synthetic fiber.

The first thing he taught us was to trust our hammock. If you are doubting that the cloth could hold your weight, don’t. It could carry more than 1000lbs. Yep. Perfectly safe. Don’t forget to remove any jewelry before mounting your hammock so that you don’t snag yourself or the hammock.¬† Next, he taught us how to properly mount our hammock and said “Hi! And I’m sorry. Later you’ll understand why.” Oh my, that didn’t sound so encouraging…


The first pose we learned was called The Womb (see left, top most picture above) it may not look pretty but it is a very relaxing pose and i became a quick favorite. I was a bit disappointed when we needed to change poses because I wanted to stay in the womb a bit longer. ūüėõ

Next pose: The Inverted Monkey Pose. For the first two sessions, this pose hurt a lot. Only on our third class which is a Fundamentals class did we learn that the hammock was placed higher than where it is supposed to be that’s why it hurts. The hammock should be just where your low-rise jeans end before you do any inversions. Trying this pose for the first time was a bit scary. I know the hammock would hold but I just cant help it. It took a few seconds before I was able to let the hammock go and place my hands on the floor, palms facing the ceiling. During our Fly Fitness classes, Paulo made us do inverted crunches. In wasn’t able to do a lot of crunches because the hammock was really hurting my back. What you have to remember in this pose is NEVER to try to push on the floor to hold yourself up. During our Fundamentals class, Teacher Roxanne made another student stop her inversion. She told us that pushing on the floor will create slack on the hammock and you’ll end up hitting your head on the floor.

Third pose is another inverted pose. I didn’t catch the name of the pose, sorry. From the Inverted Monkey pose, you just have to unwrap your leg from the hammock and touch your feet with both hands. At first, I didn’t have problems with the pose. But when we needed to switch legs holding us up, I got a little scared when my left leg was the one wrapped in the hammock. I needed to grab on the hammock and was only able to let go when I’m sure that my leg could hold me. Haha.

Next pose in the picture above is called the Angel’s Wings pose. After our second class, I asked Paulo for a simple pose for beginners and this was what he taught me. We also did this pose on our Fundamentals class.

The Star pose was taught during our Fundamentals class. Your hands must be placed on your chest, Rhoda was just using her hands to cover her face because she looks like Pucca in all inverted poses. Hahaha. This pose may look hard but it really isn’t. But the Swan Dive Pose looks scarier. It is basically the same pose only with your feet together. What’s going to hold you up if your legs are together? The Hammock. Trust me. I was able to do it, so can you. ^__^

The last pose above was taught during our Fly Fitness classes and only my brother managed to get the pose.

Overall, anti-gravity is so different from the yoga I used to know. I was used quiet classes where only the yogi master was the one talking in the room and there are minimal interactions with the other students. In anti-gravity we are encouraged to laugh and make side comments. This could be a little stressful compared to other yoga practices because of the fear that you’ll fall on your head. Just listen to your yogi master and you’ll be good. Teacher Rox taught me alot during your Fundamentals class. Trust. Big word, but that is all you need in anti-gravity yoga. Trust yourself. Trust the hammock. Trust your teacher. At the end of the Fundamentals class, we congratulated ourselves for doing something good for our body. We also learned that we grew 1/4 of an inch which will last for only an hour. Ha!

I will surely miss the hammock.

New mantra: “Let it go. Let it be. It’s done.”

Beyond Yoga:



Post Valentine with Shakespeare

After talking about trips we wanted to take, animes we watched and missed during college, tennis, service management, Emily Owens and baking cream puff and how complicated macarons are made (and scheduling the much awaited overnight baking session at Mi’s kitchen), we finally arrived at the CCP Theater. We grabbed something to eat and got to the theater just before the show started. ^__^


I have never read Shakespeare’s work nor did I have any idea about A Midsumer Night’s Dream when we bought the tickets to the show. Okay, maybe a little because of a movie I watched (or re-watched) but I don’t know how much of the movie I watched was loyal to Shakespeare’s work. All I know is that there is a flower that could make you fall in love with the first person you see. And… that’s it. Hahaha.

I found out that it was much easier to understand old English if you watch the movie and read the book at the same time. At least that was Mi said, and I’m taking her word for it. I’m downloading the movie as I write (plus other of Shakespeare’s work).


The 43rd season of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is performed by Ballet Philippines at the CCP Main Theater from Feb15-17, 2013.

For some reason, our tickets were upgraded and we got lower balcony seats. Yay!

Before the show started, Mi briefed us about the story, and explained each character as they gracefully come out the stage. I didn’t catch the names of the characters during the briefing but as the each of them materialized from the stage, I got to know them.

It may not be much help but here’s what I understood from the show (names were provided by Mi): The king (Oberon) and queen (Titania) of the faeries had a fight and Oberon told Puck (his assistant who doesn’t have a single bone in his body) to find the magical flower and make Titania fall in love with a human to disgrace her.

In the human world, Hermia and Lysander is in love with each other and wanted to get married but Demetruis was also captured by the beautiful Hermia. Helena, Hermia’s friend (or is that sister?) is in love with Demetruis. Hermia and Lysander danced with grace while Demetruis ignores Helena as she literally threw herself¬† at him. Poor Helena. She wasn’t as graceful as Hermia since she had to slump and follow Demetruis around. She looked cute and funny doing everything in her power to make Demetruis notice her.

Oberon takes pity on Helena and commands Puck to use the flower’s powers to make Demetruis love Helena. Puck got confused and used the flower on Lysander who Demetruis Helena stumbled into making him fall for her while Hermia is sound asleep. When Hermia wakes up, she sees Lysander gone crazy over Helena. She tries to get her boyfriend back but the magical flower is way more powerful than her. Cat fight!

Puck slithers into the stage to find another human being and used his powers to make him act like a donkey and used the flower on Titania. The queen of the faeries falls in love with a donkey-like man. Ha! The queen with a donkey man.

Puck realizes something went wrong and used the flower on Demetruis making him fall for Helena, who faints adorably when Demetruis hugged her. Hahaha! Oberon finds the chaos among the four humans and reprimands Puck. Puck makes the humans sleep, arranging them with their respective partners and using the flower on the men. Lysander wakes up and looks at Hermia who is still mad at him for going after Helena. He apologizes and Hermia took him back. Demetruis wakes up still in love with Helena. Yay! Good for you!

The lovers got married and Oberon lifts the love spell on Titania. She leaves the donkey man and returns with her husband to their kingdom. Puck removes the spell on the man, returning him to his old self.

The End.

The ballet dancers come out for the final bow. It was disappointing not to see Puck to come out last. He deserves that final bow. He was so graceful and we don’t know how he does all that slithering and sliding on the stage. He was so fun to watch. So full of energy.

Another first for me is to see the performers after the show. They came out the theater after us and stood on the stairs for the audience to take pictures. Oberon and the main casts sat down to sign the programs bought. I love how Puck jumps around the audience gathering around the stairs to take their picture with him. Still so much energy even outside the stage! It was weird seeing their faces up close though. All the glittering make up! And they don’t look like what I expected but they were all lovely to look at.

Definitely watching the movie to help me understand the story better.

You still have one more day to catch them. Go see Puck dance, jump and crawl around the stage. He radiates so much energy. I love it! You’ll love him too, I promise!

8. Do yoga – Day 7

Last day of yoga and Pete will be teaching us again. Perfect way to end my one week unlimited class!


Pose 22: Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Come on top of your mat and kneel. Knees and feet should be at least 6 inches wide. Put your hand on your lower back and back backwards. Pete says, backward bending can be your worst enemy or your favorite pose, depending if you are doing it right. Relax your head then slowly grab your right heel then your left.

Since I wasn’t able to do the Fixed Firm pose, I didn’t attempt to rush this pose. I stayed with supporting my lower back while bending backwards. This hurts a little for me so I stopped there, maybe because of my scoliosis.


Pose 23: Janushirasana with Paschimottanasana (Head To Knee Pose with Stretching Pose)

Come to the middle of your mat, grab the ends of your towel and cover your heels. Suck your stomach in and bend forward until your forehead touches your knees. Lift your hips and roll forward. Debbie, a previous yogi master, told us that you should only put 20% of the weight on your head, it should be on the knees carrying the rest of your weight. Pull on your heels as you lift your hips higher. You should feel your lower back stretch.


Pose 24: Janushirasana with Paschimottanasana (Head To Knee Pose with Stretching Pose)

Sit up and touch your left sole to your right thigh. 5 fingers touching each other, grab your left foot and touch your forehead to your knee. You can bend your knees, the important part is touching your forehead to the knee. This is a compression pose, not a stretching one. Slowly bend your elbows until it touches the floor and lift your heels off the floor. Do this to your left.

Now, straighten both legs lie down and immediately sit up and grab your big toe with 2 fingers. Bend your knees to touch your big toe if you have to. If you did bend your knees, slowly walk your hips back as much as you can. When your legs are straight, touch your forehead to your knees, elbows touching the floor and lift your heels up.


Pose 25: Ardha – Matsyendrasana (Spine Twisting Pose)

Face the left side of the room. Fold your left leg and put your right foot in front of your left knee. Touch you left elbow to your right knee, hands touching the left knee. With your right hand try to grab you left thigh through your back. Twist your head towards the back of the room while using your left arms to push on your right knee. It looks complicated but I love this pose.


Pose 26: Khapalbhati (Blowing In Firm Pose)

The last pose of the series is, again, a breathing exercise. Sit up on your heels. Back straight. Chin up. Put your hand on your knees and exhale using your abdomen muscles. Inhale comes naturally.  Then faster for the second set.

That’s it. I’m survived 7 consecutive days of yoga. I really really want to go back to Pete’s or Debbie’s class. I’m missing yoga already as I type. Yes, it may be costly, but it sure feels great.

8. Do yoga – Day 6

Day 6, my love for yoga returns. Our yogi is Pete. The most important thing for him is your form, he won’t push you to do the pose when he thinks your body isn’t ready for the pose yet. Remember the Eagle pose? I thought I was doing it right already, only today did I learn that I got my hands were mixed up. Haha. I learned so much today it was like my first yoga class ever. And the best one at that. He makes jokes during class and moves around to see how his students are doing with each pose.


Pose 17: Salabhasana (Locust Pose)

On your tummy and chin touching the mat, place your hands under your body and try to grip the floor. The force must be on your finger tips and not your palms. Little fingers must touch each other and the elbows must be hidden. This really hurts. If it does, I think you should stop there, just like what I do. If you can, lift your right leg 45degrees. Then your left. Then kiss your mat and lift both legs as high as you can at the same time. Lips must touch the floor, this prevents your neck from getting hurt.


Pose 18: Poorna – Salabhasana (Full Locust Pose)

Still on your stomach, spend your arms to the side. Heels and toes must be touching. Slowly lift your arms, feet and body off the floor like an airplane. Look at the ceiling.


Pose 19: Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Spread your knees 6 inches wide and grab the back of your ankles. Then kick as hard as you can to strech your spine.


Pose 20: Supta – Vajrasana (Fixed Firm Pose)

Sit Japanese style with your heels touching the side of your hips. Touch the sole of your feet, fingers out, palms in. Slowly loer your right elbow to the floor then the left. Lie down on your back and otuch your elbows over your head. Arch your back towards the ceiling. Knees must not leve the floor.

For the last 5 days I have been pushing myslef to do this pose. My knees lifting from the floor but I’m trying. Not tonight. Pete asked me to stop and just sit Japanese style, hips between my heels. He explained that my body is not yet ready for this pose. Forcing it may tear my hamstrings and things would get ugly. So I was happy that the yogi was paying enough attention to his students to notice when to make them stop and when to push them. I wanted to do yoga and have fun without hurting myself. Thank you.


Pose 21: Ardha – Kurmasana (Half Tortoise Pose)

Sit Japanese style again, this time sitting on your heels. Amrs up, thumbs crossed. Suck your stomach in to support your lower back. Slowly touch your forhead and hands to the floor. Reach as far as you can and pull your shoulders down, away from the ears. Hips must not leave the heels. Stretch your shoulders and spine. Suck your stomach in again when you come up.


Lesson for today: Since I did learn alot today,¬†my favorite¬†one is know when to stop. Forcing your body to do the pose may hurt you instead of helping you. Don’t rush it.

8. Do yoga – Day5

Day5, I didn’t feel all that good during class. It felt too much, and I wasn’t sure I will continue after the session. Plus I ate too late and felt I would throw up in between the poses so I spent alot of time in Savanasa or just lying down on my mat. Boo!

The last pose I posted in my previous entry, Padangustasana, was the last one for the standing series. The next poses will be part of the sitting and lying down series. This is just the beginning of the real yoga, so they say.


Pose 13: Savasana (Dead Body Pose)

You need to catch your breath and relax those muscles. In this pose you lay down, palms up, shoulders are relaxed and eyes open. Try to identify the parts of your body that are tense and relax them.


Pose 14: Pavanamuktasana (Wind Removing Pose)

Fold your right knee and push it towards your right shoulder to open up the ribcage, chin tucked to your chest¬†and release. Do the same thing to the left. Now, Lift both knees up and hug them to your chest. Try to grab both elbows, if you can’t, touching your forearms will be fine. Tuck your chin to your chest and pull on your knees. Try not to lift your hips of the floor. Eventually, your spine will be flat on the floor. This pose feels real good on the spine, you’ll feel it stretch if you’re doing it correctly. Before you proceed to the next pose, go back to Savasana for a minute.

This pose is said to massage the colon. Plus it really feels good. Haha.

Pose 15: Pada-Hasthasana (Hands to Feet Pose)

We don’t do this in class since we already did it during the first few poses during the standing series. Let’s skip this pose since I already mentioned it here.


Pose 16: Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Lay on your stomach and put your hands next to your chest, all fingers touching. Toes and heels touch and lock your legs. Now look up to the ceiling. Don’t use your arms. Use your back. Look up, only your tummy should be touching the floor. Hold then release and do it on the other side.

8. Do yoga – Day 4

Day 4, our yogi is Ms. Marivic.


Pose 9: Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

I love this pose and is one of my favorites on the standing series. This is suppose to stimulate the nervous system and align the spine. 

Face the left side of the room. Arms up and take a big step sidewards and bring your arms parallel to the floor on both sides. Take a big step to your right. Bend your right knee making it parallel to the floor. Bounce on your hips to make sure you are sitting low enough. Slowly rotate your arms simultaneuosly until your left hand is pointing towards the ceiling and your right hand touching the space between your big toe. Your entire body weight must be on your legs, absolutely no pressure on your fingers touching your toes. Touch your chin to your left shoulder and hold. Come up and do it on the other side. wpid-Photo-Nov-6-2011-934-PM

Pose 10: Dandayamana – Bibhaktapada – Janushirasana (Standing Separate Leg Head To Knee Pose)

This pose is said to boost your immune system so that you don’t get sick that often.

Still facing the left side of the room, arms up, thumbs crossed. Take a big step to the right and face the mirror infront of you. Twist your hips a couple of time to make sure that your hips are in one line. Slowly bend forward, fingers touching the floor and forehead touching your knee. If you can’t touch your forehead to your knee, bend it a little. It is important that you forhead touches your knee while you reach for the floor.


Pose 11: Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Stand straight, body weight on your heels and breath. This helps you catch your breath before you continue with the next poses.


Pose 12: Padangustasana (Toe Stand Pose)

Shift your weight to you left leg, grab your right foot with your eft hand and touch it to your thighs, sole of your feet facing the ceiling. Raise your right hand to your chest. When you feel you wont lose your balance, raise your left hand to your chest. Hold, then do it to your right side.


Stand on your two feet, shift your weight to your right leg to your left thigh again and touch both hands to your chest. Slowly bend forward and touch the floor with your hands. Bend your knees and sit on your heels. Use your arms to balance your self. When you can, bring your hands to your chest. I still need to balance myself with one hand. Close enough to the proper form, so that made me real happy. Haha.

8. Do yoga – Day3

Day3 yogi master is Ms. Marivic. I’m not really sure but I have a strong feeling she’s new. It’s the way she carries herself during class, but she’s okay. There were some poses done only once and she forgot some details in other poses as well. But what affected me the most was her counting. It was so slow. I don’t remember holding those poses for that long. I found myself releasing the poses before her instructions. I have no idea how long to hold each pose but it did feel a lot longer.

All things taken into consideration, I am thinking of continuing taking classes. Maybe mid next year. I know that would be a long time to wait but I had other things to fix first before anything else.

Anyway, back to the next poses. Again, this is NOT a tutorial. Go attend class for proper training. You would need someone to tell you when to stop and point out what you’re doing wrong.


Pose 5: Dandayamana – JanuShirasana (Standing Head To Knee Pose)

Shift your weight to your left leg, grab the sole of your right foot and kick. When you can, lower your elbows below your calves, slowly touch your forehead to your knee. It looked pretty simple but I am no where near perfecting this pose. I couldn’t straighten my knees yet. Maybe after a few more classes? Haha.


Pose 6: Dandayamana – Dhanurasana (Standing Bow Pulling Pose)

Touch your right elbow to your sides and extend your palms sidewards, palms up. Drop your hands and grab the back of your right ankle, toes pointing to the ceiling. Raise your left arms to the ceiling. Kick your right leg as hard as you can. When you can’t go any higher, lower your body slowly, continue kicking. Kick harder and you can stay in this pose forever, according to Ms. Marivic.


Pose 7: Tuladandasana (Balancing Stick Pose)

Hands clasped together, index finger pointing up, arms touching your ears the entire pose. Take a big step forward, shift your weight to the leg you stepped forward with, lower your body and slowly lift your leg. Stomach in, and hold. Your body must look like a letter T on the side. Repeat in the other side.


Pose 8: Dandayamana – Bibhaktapada – Paschimottanasana (Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose)

Turn to your left and look in the mirror. Arms up, reach for the sky. Take a side step to the right and bring your arms down parallel to the floor. Bend forward and grab your ankles. If you cant grab your ankles, grab your toes. Touch your head to the floor. If you can’t touch your head to the floor, open your legs more. My problem with this pose is I couldn’t touch my ankles or toes, much less touch my head to the floor. According to my research, this pose is about¬† letting go of your fear. Once you perfect this pose, you’ll trust the universe so much more. Wow. That made so much sense.

Update: I was so happy I was able to do the Eagle pose today!

Lesson for the day: Do not blink. If you do, you may lose your balance.

Day 4, here I come!

8. Do yoga – Day2

Our yogi master for our second day is Ms. Debbie. She was gentle and forgiving. She explains each pose; what it does to your body and its benefits. She allows us some rest and tells you when to stop and work on your form instead of forcing yourself to do the poses. Day 2 was more exhausting but I enjoyed it more. I felt lighter after class. I’m starting to enjoy this. ūüôā

To give you an idea on what we do inside, here are some poses. This is NOT a tutorial in in anyway. This is (again) to give you an idea on Bikram poses. Better to attend classes for a more thorough explanation, also it would better if you have someone to tell you what you are doing wrong.

The three of the studio’s walls are covered with mirrors. Make sure you can see yourself in the mirror, if someone is covering you, move your mat around until you can see yourself in the mirror. It is important for you to be able to see your form during the poses. Each pose is done twice.

images2Pose 1: Pranayama (Standing Deep Breathing)

This pose prepares your body for the next poses. Body weight on your heels. Clasp your hands together like praying and place them under your chin. Breath in using your throat and frame your face with your hands. Open your mouth wide and exhale with a slow “haaa” sound while pushing your head back until your elbows touch. Keep your spine straight. Then inhale while bringing your elbows up. Relax your shoulders during the entire pose. You wouldn’t believe how much you’d sweat doing such a simple pose. Haha.


Pose 2: Ardha Candrasana with Pada-Hastasana (Half Moon Pose with Hands To Feet Pose)

Stand straight, clasp your hands together over your head and point your index finger upwards. Make sure your palms are touching, elbows touching your ears, chin up. Slowly bend to your right, go back to your center then to the left. I’m not sure of the counting on any these poses so, listen to your yogi master. This is good for your colon, if I remember Ms. Debbie’s words correctly.


After bending backwards and trying to touch the wall behind you, we now do the Pada-Hastasana or Hands To Feet Pose. Bend forward, bend your knees if you have to and grab your heels. All fingers must be under your heel, forearms must be at the back of your calves. Lock your knees and pull on your heels and lift your hips.


Pose 3: Utkatasana (Awkward Pose)

I am still having troubles with this pose. Feet six inches apart or two fists apart. Arms forward, five fingers touching, feet flat on the floor then slowly sit down on the (imaginary) chair. Remember to keep your spine straight. Stick your butt out if you have to but your thighs must be parallel to the floor.

Slowly stand up. Balance on your toes as if someone from the ceiling is grabbing your hair upwards and sit back on the chair. Standing on tiptoe was already a challenge for me so imagine how difficult sitting down on an imaginary chair is. Hold. Stand up slowly.

And this is the hardest part of the pose for me. lock your knees together then slowly sit a few inches before touching your heels. I usually fall down on the floor at this point. Haha. Ms. Debbie says it would be easier if you lift your heels higher off the floor. Guess I need more practice pose. Haha.


Pose 4: Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

This pose is tricky. Shift your weight left foot then wrap your right one around it. All five toes of your right foot must be visible in the mirror. For beginners, bring it as far as you can.

For your arms, swing around each other right elbow under the left. Both thumbs must be pointing or near your face. Palms touching. Hands and knees should be aligned. Shoulders in one line. Repeat using the other side.

Lesson for the day: This is no competition. As long as you try your best in every pose, you get 100% of its benefits. Thank you, Ms. Debbie. I wish you could be my yogi master in another class. I enjoyed it very much.

That’s all for now. Will talk about the rest of the poses in my succeeding posts. Need to get ready for Day3. ^__^

8. Do yoga (Bikram or fly) – Day1

I have always wanted to try Bikram and today I did it for the first time! I was so nervous a few hours before heading to the studio. Good thing I tried this with my friends, or else I would have gone home today instead. Haha.

So, first impressions first, when we entered the room, it was hot but tolerable. I have spent time in places way hotter than this room so it was no biggie. What I wasn’t prepared for was the smell. Do the math, hot room = ???

Second, I really really should have listened to a friend’s advice. Flow first before Bikram. Okay, I haven’t tried flow yet, but she convinced me¬† that starting with a slower pace would be better. But I couldn’t find a studio offering flow that I could squeeze into my schedule, so I went straight ahead to Bikram.

Mr. Charleston, our instructor, was very patient but he will push you to your limits. Most important lesson I learned tonight? No shortcuts. Hahaha. I was so tired I wasn’t sure I could make it to the end of the class. The only thing running through my mind that time was to get it done and over with. I didn’t think I have enough energy to finish the class. But no, he won’t allow shortcuts. I was so surprised when I was able to finish that pose correctly. Thank you! And he also showed us what we are doing wrong and why we couldn’t do the pose.

The one and a half hour seemed too long when you’re dead tired and just wanted to lay down the mat for one full minute before proceeding with the next pose. I don’t think I have sweat this much in my entire life!

Tiring? Definitely! I would be in bed by now if it weren’t for the good news I got that seemed to recharge me instantly. Plus, I’m not sure I could get up tomorrow, but I will try harder for Day 2.

Bikram can be very demanding and overwhelming for first timers like me but it sure feels great afterwards. Not to mention cold. After spending more than an hour in a hot room, you will surely feel the cold air once you leave the studio very true since our class ended late at night. Note to self: bring jacket for Day2.

Wish me luck! *keeping my fingers crossed*

15. Dye my hair red

I got a voucher from Cashcash Pinoy last July and the validity ends on Oct 15. I finally used my voucher yesterday and got one more item off my list. Together with my mother, we looked for Keon Salon located somewhere in Quezon City.

We found the salon an hour earlier than my scheduled reservation and after walking under the sun’s heat, we drank milktea at Cha Dao. When my mother finished her drink, we entered the salon.

I presented my voucher and ID and looked over their samples to choose my hair color. After choosing the color I liked, I was informed that since our hair is naturally dark, the end result may not be the same as the color I chose. It only works for blondes. I was disappointed but the stylist informed me that she could increase the oxidation to the maximum level to make it closer to the color I want. That was her best offer and I took it.

Step 1: Section and clip hair

Cute Cocker Spaniel… XD

We look alike noh? Haha.

Step 2: Apply hair color

So far so good

It started getting itchy after a few minutes, but is still tolerable.

Step 3: Apply second coat of the same hair color.


I started to panic. I know I said red, but not this bright! My stylist tried to calm me down by saying the color will rinse of every time I shower for at least a week. She advised me to use a towel with dark color for drying my hair because the color will bleed.

Still red.

After an hour, my hair was rinsed, blow dried and ironed. Almost an hour later, my stubborn, curly hair was straight again. Until it gets wet.¬† Haha. I know my stylist’s arms are burning because my hair is really stubborn. Thank you!

On our way home, we got hungry and decided to use another discount coupon I got. We had dinner at Burgoo.  While waiting for our orders, we took pictures!

More balloons for my birthday? ^__^

Straight hair and playing with crayons.

I love the crayons and the large sheet of paper they used as a table cloth. I’m sure the kids (and kids at heart) will enjoy drawing using the crayons provided. Nice way to to pass the time waiting for your orders, don’t you think?

Guys, meet my beautiful mother. ^__^

After taking pictures and drawing, our orders started to arrive.

FREE Buffalo Chicken Wings

I am not a fan of spicy food but these buffalo wings are simply amazing. I think the cheese dressing did it. This costs Php325, but we got it for FREE thanks to my discount coupon.

Gone already? No way…

Fast as lighting, the cheese dressing was gone in a few minutes. Just enough for the Buffalo Wings. I tried dipping the pizza’s crust and it was good too.

Margheritta Pizza
Regular – P375 Large – P475

My second favorite pizza (the top stop still goes to four cheese). With 8 slices and the Buffalo Wings, we were stuffed. We even had the half of the pizza wrapped so that we could bring it home to my father who never says no to pizza. Haha. He finished four slices! Bwahahaha.

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