20. Volunteer for a cause

After nine years, I came back to Rizal National Science High School (RNSHS) for a medical mission organized by the alumni. Rowie and I arrived early and the venue was already packed. We were briefed on our assignments and off we went.

I was assigned to the Hepatitis Screening. Only people who tested negative on the screening are allowed to receive the vaccine for medical reasons that are beyond me. Together with Frances, another alumni (Batch 6), we went to the screening area to meet the student volunteers.

Hepatitis Screening Team
(From left to right) Faye, Maggy, Tin, Third, Me, Raffy, Frances, Michelle

After the introductions, we reviewed the tasks assigned to each member and started to break the ice before the program starts officially.

Me: Who is the youngest one here?

*Kids point to the boyscout – Third

Me: Batch? Year?

Third: Batch 15, Grade seven.

Wow. I almost forgot. Grade seven. Batch15, huh? Sigh.

Kids: Ate, how about you?

Frances: Batch 6

Me: Batch 2

Kids: *Jaw drops*

God. I feel ooold. I can’t blame them. Batch 15… Batch 2. Yes, time flies so fast, kids. Watch out. Haha.

Kids: How old are you?

Frances: 20

Me: 18

Yeah. That was a bad sign. Changing and hiding your real age is never a good sign. Tsktsktsk.

Volunteer doctors and nurses

The nurses who will be helping us arrived and the show started. But after 30 mins people stopped rushing to our area. They prefer the long lines for the free vitamins and medical consultation with the doctors. So, our team was pretty ‘relaxed’ compared to the other services offered. Frances and I took turns inviting people to come over and get screened. Boy, it was hard to sell the free screening to the people. Majority of them were scared of needles. In the end, the nurses asked us to try it ourselves just to keep them busy. Ha! In the end, even the nurses were trying to pull other customers to get screened.

Too bad I had to leave early because of a previous commitment, so I grabbed an early lunch and said good bye to the rest of the alumni.

I want to this again. Tiring? Yes. But it was fulfilling as well. Good job guys!