Work that Body!

My brother wanted to try suspension training for a looong time (and this post will be quite long too). He convinced me to try it to improve my upper body and core strength which I desperately need if I wanted to learn to surf. 165559_184467488248917_3204969_n

I would say, we were lucky to try Kinematics at Cubao. Their studio was kinda hard to find at first since we are not very familiar with the area. We took the MRT station and got off at the Cubao Station. The studio is just walking distance from the station. Their studio is located at the end of North Road, inside the Scarlet Spa Compound. Just ask the receptionist where the studio is and you wont miss it!

We changed into our workout clothes (clothes I borrowed from a friend who runs) and found the studio a few minutes earlier than our scheduled time. We watched the different sets of exercise and I was ready to go home. It was just too much watching them, especially for someone who has no mind and body coordination. Tsktsktsk! Why did I let my brother talk me into this? Why?!

Before I had the chance to run and save myself, the workout ended and we were invited in by Stephen Paulino, our instructor for the day. We were interviewed and briefed about TRX. TRX is mainly composed of four parts: the anchor, the adjustable TRX rope, handle and foot cradle. Some TRX that can be bought in the market has a stopper and some don’t. The one we available at their studio had a stopper.


Basic rules in using TRX:

1. The ropes must never slack during the entire session. The exercises will mainly use your arms or legs pulling or pushing the TRX. Your arms and legs will do a lot of work but your core will be used throughout the session (that is if your doing it right).

2. Never do a set with your TRX ropes crossed.

3. To avoid injuries like rope burns, do not let the TRX touch your skin.

4. Do not use the ropes to balance your body while there is tension on the ropes. The friction will damage the TRX. And we don’t want that!

Seems like four is a magic number for TRX; there are four sets of exercises catering to different parts of the body with a minute of rest in between each set.

After completing the fourth set, Stephen was surprised that we actually finished the workout. Most of the first timers quit before the start of the fourth set. I guess competitive blood runs in the family and quitting is not an option. Good job to both of us! ^__^ It was tiring but fun. Thank you, Stephen!

For the next two days, my triceps, biceps, thighs and calves hurt a lot with a little tinge on my core muscles. I guess I was doing a lot of the exercises wrong then. Hahaha. This was addressed during our second time. Our instructor was Jon, Stephen’s older brother who owns the studio at Cubao. Stephen has his own studio at Katipunan and takes over Jon’s studio during Saturdays.

Jon is big on getting the form right (just like my favorite yogi master). He told us that he teaches fundamentals – the basics of TRX training while his brother, specializes at advance training for athletes. O__O

I learned I was doing the planking exercises wrong and I am prone to getting my back into more trouble. Also, I had A LOT of unused muscles that is why I couldn’t get the forms right. I was laughing so hard when Jon was trying to imitate what I was doing wrong and failing. When I started, I knew it would be hard because of my limited arm strength. Boy, was I wrong. TRX will push you to use every muscle in your body! I needed to use most of those muscles for the first time in my life. O__O

I learned so much during our second session but I was nowhere near getting the forms right. It was so different from yoga but both very beneficial to your body. My arms and legs are still burning a bit when doing the sets plus I was tired from work.

My biggest surprise came after the workout. Jon told us that we wont experience the same pain after our first TRX workout and I was skeptical. I was expecting not to be able to get up the next day but I got up without any problems at all. Wow!

For our third and last session, I encouraged Rhoda to join us but she sprained her ankle and passed going to class. Stephen is the instructor for our third session. Some of the exercises were changed to spice up our training a bit. It was a bit harder from the first and second time. We got tired easily and Stephen told us we looked like first timers during the exercise. Come on! Side planking? I can’t even get planking right yet! And I missed some of my favorite exercise but he assured us that the new exercises he introduced caters to the same muscles used on the exercises he replaced.

Even though it was more tiring than the other TRX classes we had, we didn’t experience any discomfort the following day. That’s good right? We hope we could come back. It was really fun. I miss TRX training already.

What I wanted in Kinematics TRX Suspension Training is the easy atmosphere. No pressure. No commitments, just show up whenever you want. The trainers (both Jon and Stephen) tries to develop a good relationship with all their students and try to really get to know them. At the end of sessions, I felt good meeting new people and felt at ease. Another plus for me is the variety of exercises in TRX. There is always something new to learn at TRX. I won’t advise you to go and practice TRX alone in your home after a few sessions in class. This extreme kind of training needs proper supervision to prevent you hurting yourself in the long run. And it is your trainer’s job to keep you safe during the training. šŸ˜€

Yoga promotes improvements within your own self, and is meant to be practiced alone. This is completely fine with me and I loved the peace and detoxifying effects of yoga. But once in a while it is good to meet new friends who encourages you to push yourself to your limits. They tell you how to improve your form without passing judgement, much like yoga. Great group of people to hang out with. I will definitely try be back (hopefully, Rhoda will be able to join us next time). A new item to add to my list I wanted to do. The list is growing longer! @__@


All I Want for Christmas!

I love giving gifts to people who are special to me. But I never ask for gifts in return (except if your family. Haha). When if comes to friends, I usually ask for favors instead likeĀ baked goodiesĀ or exchange of files *wink wink*. More often than not, it requires more of the person’s time and effort rather than money.

But since I was tagged to this list, I decided to play along. It looked fun!

1. Sausage Pillow – don’t ask me why or how it got its name. I just saw it while browsing the net. At dahil inggiterang frog ako, gusto ko din. Ang sarap siguro matulog pag ganyan ang unan mo… Dapat lang noh, kasi Php1300 po ang unan na yan. Kaya hanggang pangarap na lang siguro yan.

2. Jacket with thumbholes – ginawin akong bata kaya hindi ako mabubuhay ng walang kumotĀ AT jacket pag nagbibiyahe. Kaso wala pa akong nakikitang bilihan ng ganitong jacket dito sa Pinas. Meron pang lalaki lang. Kamusta naman yun. Pero yung jacket ng UP Pep Squad ganito. Hindi ko lang alam kung san sila nagpagawa. Malamang may minimum sila sa pagorder bago sila magtahi.

3. Backpack – No particular brand. Basta water resistant, may bag cover, may lagayan ng sapatos at madaming pockets. Yung tipong keri akong buhayin ng 3-5days sa galaan. Hehe.

4. Long Recurve Bow – Kaso ang sabi sakin, kelangan mo muna ng formal lessons bago bumili ng bow. at least Php11,000 lang naman ang complete set ng equipment at Php7,000 ang lessons, so yeah… Mukhang magtatagal itong item na ito wishlist ko ng ilang taon pa. Hahaha.

5. Bookshelf – yung wishlist namin sa office, puro libro ang hiningi ko. Pero ang totoo, wala ng space ang bookshelf ko kaya pakalat-kalat na lang sila sa bahay. Tsktsktsk. Ambisyosa lang yung picture sa baba pero kahit simple bookshelf lang masaya na ako. Para lang hindi kung saan saan napupunta yung mga libro ko. ^__^

(left) closed bookshelf;Ā  (right) opened bookshelf

6. Anything sparkly! And I mean anything. Bag, wallet, top, shoes, mugs, notebook, at kahit ano pang anek anek yan, basta nakintab, masisiyahan na ako. Haha.

I know. Ang hirap ng wishlist ko. Kaya nga hindi ako nagdedemand ng gifts outside of the family eh. Hahaha. Pero madali lang naman maghanap ng sparkly things so yun na ang pinakasafe kung gusto nyo akong regaluhan. Hahaha!

Happy Holidays, guys!

Level up Hamberdi

October na kaya ang unang agenda namin ay i-celebrate ang birthdays namin ni Rowie (Oct1) at Zaicy (Oct30) Planning stage: Tagaytay and dampa. Kaso nagkaissue sa sasakyan. Mahal magrent at ubos na ang yaman ng mga tao kaya pinagpiliian na lang namin ang ice skating or bowling tapos dampa after. Kelangan talaga mag-dampa kami. Ayon sa botohan, bowling at dampa ang nanalo.
Pero walang bearing ang results ng botohan namin kasi wala palang nagconfirm. Haha.

At dahil birthday ko, naginarte ako at nagpauso ako na dapat lahat ng girls may color ang hair. Eto kasi ang look na gusto ko ma-achieve.

Pretty noh? Kaso nabigo ako sa peg kong purple and green hair.

Dahil may kulayan pa ng buhok, maaga akong nagpunta kila Jo. Kahit hindi sha marunong magplantsa, nitry nya plantsahin ang buhok ko. Ang galing nga eh. Napaunat nya ang buhok ko. Kaso nung maglalagay na kami ng kulay, nabasa ang buhok ko sa spray kaya ayun. Kumulot uli. Fail!

Ang ending, nagipit na lang ako. Maya-maya konti, nagdatingnan na yung iba. At sa kwarto ni Jo ang deretso. Grabe. Muntik na gumuho ang bahay nila, Bawal huminga. Hahaha.

Kay Lori lang kita na may slight na kulay yung hair nya sa pic. Purple! Inggit much!

Nung kumpleto na kami, go na kami sa sasakyan nila Mic para makarating sa Dampa sa Libis.

Sagot na ni Zaicy ang cake kaya kami ni Rowie sa Dampa. Kami daw ang pumili ng kakainin. Tinulungan kami ni Joel at Mic sa pagpalengke. After nun pinaluto na namin. Nagorder din si Lori ng 18 na extra rice. Ansabe? 12 lang kami tapos 18 na extra rice? Patayan ba ito? XD

Habang nagaantay sa pagkain, may lumapit samin na taga-dampa, at may tinanong samin. Walang sumagot samin kaya nag-English na si koya. Saka lang kami sumagot. Napagkamalan pa tuloy kaming hindi marunong magtagalog. Hahaha.

Sa wakas, dumating din ang mga pagkain namin.

Scallops with broccoli

Masarap yung broccoli pero medyo makunat yung scallops pero keri naman.

Crab with gata

Hindi ako mashadong kumakain ng crab unless may maghihimay para sakin kasi hindi ako marunong. Hahaha. kaya pinaghimay ako ng best friend kong kitang kita ang paghihirap para makakain ako ng crab.

Crab vs Jo
Winner by unanimous decision… Jo!

Mas masarap yung crab dahil pinaghimay ako. Char! Pero masarap nga yung crab. Kung marunong lang ako maghimay, mas madami akong nakain. Hahaha.

Buttered shrimps ā¤
Sinigang na hipon

Ay eto… winner. Pwede daw magparefill ng sabaw. Laking gulat lang namin ng hiningi na namin ang bill at may isang item na nawindang kaming lahat…

Soap? Kaya pala sumakit ang tiyan naming lahat…
Hindi lang dahil sa kabusugan… XD
Sweet and sour lapu-lapu
Baked scallops! da best!

Dahil may allergic sa sea foods, nagpaluto kami ng Liempo.

Inihaw na pusit

Eto. Dito kami sumuko. Walang nakaubos ng pusit kasi sobrang kunat na tipong aabutin ng isang buwan sa tiyan mo at hindi pa din sha natutunaw. Hahaha.

Kahit na busog na kaming lahat hindi pwedeng walang dessert.

Shempre may part 2 ang dinner. Busog ba kamo? Walang busog busog samin. Deretso kami ng Tiendesitas para magpababa ng kinain.

Bottles at sangkatutak na pulutan. Saming girls Tanduay Ice na red at white. 2 bottles each (1 red & 1 white) pero dahil masakit pa ang tiyan ko sa soap, naka isa lang ako. At binigay ko kay Jo yung isa para maging masaya uli kaming lahat. Hahaha.

Hindi lasing yang si Jo. After kunan ng picture, sinilip nya sa camera ni Zai at muntik nang malaglag. Pramis. Hindi yan lasing. Wala lang sense of balance yang best friend ko. Hahaha.

At nung natunaw na yung yelo sa pinaghalong red and white Tanduay Ice nya, ayaw niya maniwala na inumin nya yung binalik sa kanya kasi pink na yung iniinum nya. So nung malingat, nilagyan namin ni Lori ng red yung iniinom nya para maging pink. Hahaha. Para lang matahimik na sha.

Pagkatapos ng sangkatutakĀ  na picture at tawa, naubos din ang ininom at pulutan.







Part 3 sa home sweet home ni Lori at Joel para manood ng ‘horror movies’. At dahil may natira pa sa budget namin, ibibili na lang daw ng hard na naging ice cream ang bagsak.

Ang unang pinanood namin ay The Orphan.

Napagod kaming lahat kay Ester. Ang creepy nya. Sa may dulong part, sabay sabay kaming nagtilian. Madaling araw, nagtitilian. Nice noh? Halos 3AM na at sobrang antok na ako. Pangtanggal daw ng pagod namin, isa pang movie. Insidous naaman.

Pero hindi na talaga kaya ng powers ko kaya pumwesto na ako sa pagtulog. Pinakitaan ko sila ng talent. Matulog habang nagsisigawan ng bonggels ang mga katabi mo. Wapakels. Bagsak kung bagsak. Nagising na lang ako nung tumigil na ang mga sigaw nila. 430AM.

Hinatid kami ni Mic sa bahay, kaso gutom na uli kami kaya nagbreakfast muna kami sa Mcdo na malapit sa bahay namin.

Nakauwi ako 530AM. Wow. Puyat much, pero uber saya. Thanks ELF! Love you guys! Mwwwwwwwaah!