Meg Gardiner’s Jo Beckett Series

After reading Gardiner’s latest novel for her Jo Beckett series she immediately became one of my favorite authors and I looked for the previous Beckett series.

The first of the Beckett series. Since I started with The Memory Thief, I thought I would get to see Daniel and Jo in the first book but the series already started with Daniel’s death with a few flashbacks. It made me a little sad but Gabe was so sweet I didn’t really mind. Plus Gardiner really knows how to write a book you can’t put down. Everyone has their dark and dirty secrets and they tell other members of the club. Problem is, members start dying one by one and it is up to Beckett to stop the other members from losing their lives.

In this book, Beckett is called to help a patient with anterograde amnesia – basically it means the part of your brain where you store long term memories cant be accessed. And it is not cute and funny like Walt Disyney’s Finding Nemo, where a fish named Dory forgets everything after a few minutes. Imagine that happening to you or a friend or family, where you forget what happened every five minutes. People with anterograde amnesia will retain the memories before they got the amnesia, like if they were married or had kids.

This book reminds me of Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams. A part of his book says if time was not continuous and people would not remember what happened yesterday and has no concept of tomorrow, every word said, every act done would be honest. Wouldn’t that be nice? I started to doubt that after reading this book.

I couldn’t decide which Beckett book is my favorite after reading three books in the series. Haha.

A known singer dies in the middle of her concert and Beckett is called in to help to determine the cause of death – suicide or murder. Turns out, the singer was also the ex-wife of the president and felt threatened enough to leave a message in her song just in case she dies. Surprisingly, it took me a lot longer time to actually finish the book. Unlike the other Beckett novels I read before, this didn’t really make it to the top of the list. Maybe it’s because I figured out how to solve the case way faster than Beckett did (okay, so maybe the people I love were not in danger while working on the case, but still…) Gardiner has better works than this one in my opinion. It was not a terrible book. It just didn’t do it for me.

While waiting for another Beckett novel, there are other books lined up and waiting to be picked up in my bookshelf. So… bye for now! ^__^