I whip my hair back and forth

After a lot of convincing  and threats from my best friend, I finally gave in and started blogging. I know starting one requires a lot of hard work. Not to mention, patience too (which I have very little of). Good thing there’s Google to help me start a decent blog. I wanted to make it look more like a website instead of a blog. After days I was ready to give up multiple tries, I decided to change the theme instead and it finally worked out. Turns out, the first theme I chose didn’t support the things I wanted to be done. >__<

Enough about the pains I went through starting this blog, and let’s get this blog thing started!

Last Saturday was one of the walang pahinga weekends. I went swimming with a friend in the morning. This was the second time I tried to teach someone to swim. Don’t get any ideas, my first student was a clueless 9 year old kid, and my second student was worse. She is terribly afraid of the water and couldn’t manage to float. The moment I let go of her she panics and goes down. After an hour, she managed to float all by herself… for 5 seconds. Hahaha. Not bad. At least we were making progess. Baby steps are important too, you know. 🙂

From Marikina Sports Center, I rushed to Makati to meet another friend. We scheduled to get our hair done at Regine’s Salon located at the second floor of The Link in front of Landmark in Makati.

I don’t usually let anyone touch my hair but my trusted hairstylist, Andre, but he moves around a lot and I was forced to look for a new one.

We found Regine’s a few minutes early and the place was full. Good thing we called ahead and reserved two slots with their hairstylist Rexie.

Chic interiors – check!

Accommodating staff – double check!

After getting my hair washed, I waited for Rexie for a few minutes, Mimi ( I think that was her name) started chatting  and suggested that I get my eyebrows fixed. I wasn’t in the mood to argue so I said okay, wishing Rexie would forget.

When Rexie was ready, he introduced himself and we started chatting while he does his magic. Once he was done, he moved on to my friend. Mimi was there the second Rexie left. Mimi called Rexie when she saw that my eyebrows were left untouched, and Rexie came back to fix them. Too bad Mimi wasn’t ready to leave my eyebrows alone, good thing Rexie was really good at what he does and my eyebrows came out perfect.

Moments later, Rosa, the human hair blow dryer, came and dried my hair. Mimi, holding the blow dryer, together with the Rosa’s expertise, tamed my curls.

This I gotta say, I was satisfied with Andre’s before, but Rexie, Mimi and Rose’s combined forces made me forget how good Andre was (sorry Andre ~__~’ ). I couldn’t remember the last time my hair looked this good!

Here is one of the best hair days I ever had:

Rexie, Mimi and Rosa can I take you home with me?

My friend was more than satisfied with her hair too.

Ang ganda ng lola ko! ^__^

Our hair literally was whipping back and forth with the wind and we loveeeet!

My hair wasn’t as lovely after taking a bath, but t it was still better than my wild curls.I will definitely come back. Rexie agreed that red looks good on me. A suggestion that I don’t intend to ignore. ^__^

Hair cut costs = Php400.00

The Link Branch

2nd Level, The Link
North Drive cor. Makati Ave.
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number
(+63 2) 856-1723, (+63 2) 856-1724