Rise of the Guardians

Lately, I am in what I call my “topak mode” (blame the hormones, not me) so when we went out for a snack and I saw the collection of toys offered for a Happy Meal, I got my Jack Frost toy and nuggets. Yey!

Having one of my topak moments, Dulce and I decided to catch the movie after office hours. When we came back to our workstations, we didn’t get the chance to check the movie schedule because of our meeting.

On the dot, we left the office after the meeting and rushed to Eastwood to watch the movie but we were out of luck. We decided to try and¬†catch the last showing in Metroeast instead. We barely made it in time and wasn’t able to watch the trailers of the up coming movies.

The movie was very nice. Seeing Jack Frost was love at first sight. Even the toothfairies-in-training needed to be reminded to get a hold of themselves. Hahaha.

Santa and the elves and his sleigh. I loved Santa’s tatoo of Naughty and Nice on each arm. And I liked the red and black outfit too. The red and white was starting to get too old for me. Haha.

Toothfairy. Well, I find her a little creepy throughout the movie. Or maybe, collecting teeth (some are still bloody) didn’t sit well with me. Especially when she looked thrilled to see those bloody teeth. Not a good picture for the kids, which Sophie (one of the characters in the movie) clearly pointed out with a loud wail.

Bunny. Aside from his creepy, giagantic easter egg sidekicks, he was a cool bunny. A funny bunny who paints eggs for the kids. Yes, Easter is just as important as Christmas.

Finally, my favorite guardian, adorable Sandy. He is in charge of the kid’s dreams. Oh, and he cannot make a sound so he communicates by forming images with sand. I couldn’t help but think that Sandy was the most powerful guardian (not counting Jack Frost yet). What can be more powerful than dreams? I can’t think of anything.

Together, they protect the kids from Ptich Black (aka the Boogey Man) who wanted to be turn all their hopes and dreams into fear and darkness.

This movie reminded me how powerful dreams are. Especially for kids. And that we never should stop believing.

I liked how the movie ended. Get the kids and watch this movie. I think watching it in 3D will be worth it. The kids will love it.