Meg Gardiner – The Nightmare Thief

A week ago, I started reading the first chapters of Janet Evanovich’s Wicked Appetite but when a received a text message from my brother saying he’ll buy me dinner I abandoned reading and rushed to the mall. Haha. Since I was a few minutes early, I went straight to Powerbooks and stumbled on this book while waiting for my brother. One of the reviews at the back of the book caught my eye. It goes something like “If you read (insert several authors here) and Janet Evanovich, you’ll think Gardiner is a gift from heaven.”

Hmmm. Interesting. I grabbed the book, sat on the corner and started reading…

I finished three chapters before my brother finally arrived. He needed to remind me that I was hungry before I got up and started to think about dinner. Haha.

I was able to finish reading the book last night. The book was so intense that I stayed up until 1AM just so that I could finish it. There were parts where I find myself holding my breath. The end of every chapter is a cliff hanger, making it really hard to put it down.

The Nightmare Thief spelled adventure from the first page to the last. Autumn Reiniger’s 21st birthday is coming and rich daddy decided to buy her a game at Edge Adventures. A simulation game wherein she gets to be whoever she wants to be and she chose to experience a life of crime. Edge Adventures alerts the police that a simulation game is underway so that the screams and car chase or whatever will be ignored. Unfortunately, the actual bad guys used this to kidnap Autumn and her friends to take them to an adventure where their lives are at stake.

Gardiner sure know how to keep you engaged in the scene. If you are looking for an adventure, grab Gardiner. Her style is very different from Evanovich. Evanovich works show a lot of humor while Gardiner focuses on the action and survival.

I think Wicked Appetite needs to be returned to the bookshelf for now. I’m still pumped up for action and plan to go read more of Gardiner’s work once I get some work done. (I needed to put of my chores yesterday to finish the book ^___^?)