Book launch and Movie weekend

Dulce and I went to The Morning Rush Book2 launch to get her books signed and to see the Kikay Barkada in person. We were in for a surprise. The line was so long and the orginazer of the event didn’t do a very good job keeping the event organized. There was no line and the even the security guards didn’t know where the start and end is.  We accepted the fact that we wont get Dulce’s books signed so we just waited to see the Kikay Barkada.


The Kikay Barkada  came from the top floor from the glass elevator and waved at the Rushers waiting for them. And what minimal order the event had was flushed down the toilet. We just stayed for a few minutes until the Kikays got settled down and when they got busy signing the books, we left and went window shopping.

And mall hopping. We changed venue because I was going to claim some tickets for next week’s agenda and I texted my brother for an early birthday treat. We watched Jackie’s last movie, Chinese Zodiac. He’s a big fan of Chan, ask him about any of Chan’s movies and he can answer you without batting an eye.


This is produced by no other than Mr. Jackie Chan himself. I was used to watching Chan’s movies and this man never failed to impress me. It is known to every fan that this man does his own stunts. I’m both happy and sad that he’ll be retiring after this and will be producing movies instead. Sad because his movies became a part of my childhood and I will really miss him but happy because it is just not right to be doing those stunts at that age. It worries me that he might seriously hurt himself (watch some of the stunts that went wrong during the credits, it was really scary when Jackie fell and couldn’t get back up and everyone from the set tried to help him), but all things said, the movie was GREAT! Chan using those hi-tech gadgets is something new to me. I was used to see him fighting using his hands and everything else inside the room (heh!) but those gadgets were really cool. I wanted to try the first stunt he pulled of in the movie.  I was so astonished and it looked so fun while watching it. It looked like I was watching Transformers instead of Jackie Chan movie. I really wanted to try that. Haha. I also loved the parachute thing in the maze. It was hilarious!

Just a minor rant though, parts of the movie was dubbed (still voiced by the same people) maybe it was just me, but I really am not a fan of dubbed movies.  That being said, it is a movie you’d want to watch for three or four times over. So, go and watch it. Definitely worth your time and money.

Bye JC. We will miss seeing you fight in the big screen using an umbrella, a couch, a picture frame and just about everything you could get your hands on but I look forward to the next movie you’ll produce. I have a good feeling about this new stuff. *sniff sniff* ^__^

P.S. After the movie there were cameras and some girl asking for comments about the movie. What the? It wasn’t even the opening day of the movie and I have never seen this what-can-you-say-about-the-movie thing being done to a foreign film. It happens alot to local films during its opening day. So when I saw the lights and camera I backtracked and hid behind Dulce . Wahahaha.