Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight

I know that there are tons of reviews of Twilight out there over the net, but since I made some reference of it in one of my previous post, I felt I needed to continue and review the series.

I am well aware that with this, I am treading dangerous waters. Especially to those serious and die-hard fanatics of the series. This how I felt while I was reading the books. I still remember how it felt even though it has been a while since I read them.

Like I said, it has been a while since I have read the series and it wouldn’t be fair to break this down per book. I first heard about this series from my cousin. She kept telling me amazing the book was and so when another friend finished her book, I borrowed Twilight and read it. When I finished it, I texted my cousin and told her that it was an okay book. I had a feeling that if I had come across the first book  when I was younger (like, in high school maybe?) I would have loved it completely.

The only character that intrigued me got very little role on the first book that I didn’t think he would appear in the succeeding books. Even before Taylor Lautner was casted as Jacob Black, I already found the character interesting.

When I learned that the second book took a new turn, I gave the series a second shot and read it. I know that members of Team Edward didn’t love New Moon, but I did. I was thankful that Meyer gave Jacob his much needed ‘air time’ so to speak.

I had nothing against Edward, I was even disappointed that his book didn’t make it out the market. I believed it would have been an interesting one. It’s just that… I’m not sold out on Bella’s character. And the ending. Oh God, the ending! It felt rushed to me. Breaking Dawn was thick, no arguments about that. Towards the end, I felt the pressure to end the book considering the length it has already accumulated during the switch of point of views between two characters of the series. It was a little awkward and rushed for me. Because of that I’m not that excited to watch the second part of the Breaking Dawn movie.

Hands down, Meyer was a good writer. She was able to pull the emotions out from you no matter what “team” you are on. I couldn’t remember any other book or  author that made me cry as much as Meyer’s Eclipse and the first part of Breaking Dawn had. Meyer, is an amazing author. Not many could pull of what she has done. I just think that a fifth book would have been beneficial.