15. Dye my hair red

I got a voucher from Cashcash Pinoy last July and the validity ends on Oct 15. I finally used my voucher yesterday and got one more item off my list. Together with my mother, we looked for Keon Salon located somewhere in Quezon City.

We found the salon an hour earlier than my scheduled reservation and after walking under the sun’s heat, we drank milktea at Cha Dao. When my mother finished her drink, we entered the salon.

I presented my voucher and ID and looked over their samples to choose my hair color. After choosing the color I liked, I was informed that since our hair is naturally dark, the end result may not be the same as the color I chose. It only works for blondes. I was disappointed but the stylist informed me that she could increase the oxidation to the maximum level to make it closer to the color I want. That was her best offer and I took it.

Step 1: Section and clip hair

Cute Cocker Spaniel… XD

We look alike noh? Haha.

Step 2: Apply hair color

So far so good

It started getting itchy after a few minutes, but is still tolerable.

Step 3: Apply second coat of the same hair color.


I started to panic. I know I said red, but not this bright! My stylist tried to calm me down by saying the color will rinse of every time I shower for at least a week. She advised me to use a towel with dark color for drying my hair because the color will bleed.

Still red.

After an hour, my hair was rinsed, blow dried and ironed. Almost an hour later, my stubborn, curly hair was straight again. Until it gets wet.  Haha. I know my stylist’s arms are burning because my hair is really stubborn. Thank you!

On our way home, we got hungry and decided to use another discount coupon I got. We had dinner at Burgoo.  While waiting for our orders, we took pictures!

More balloons for my birthday? ^__^

Straight hair and playing with crayons.

I love the crayons and the large sheet of paper they used as a table cloth. I’m sure the kids (and kids at heart) will enjoy drawing using the crayons provided. Nice way to to pass the time waiting for your orders, don’t you think?

Guys, meet my beautiful mother. ^__^

After taking pictures and drawing, our orders started to arrive.

FREE Buffalo Chicken Wings

I am not a fan of spicy food but these buffalo wings are simply amazing. I think the cheese dressing did it. This costs Php325, but we got it for FREE thanks to my discount coupon.

Gone already? No way…

Fast as lighting, the cheese dressing was gone in a few minutes. Just enough for the Buffalo Wings. I tried dipping the pizza’s crust and it was good too.

Margheritta Pizza
Regular – P375 Large – P475

My second favorite pizza (the top stop still goes to four cheese). With 8 slices and the Buffalo Wings, we were stuffed. We even had the half of the pizza wrapped so that we could bring it home to my father who never says no to pizza. Haha. He finished four slices! Bwahahaha.