Hansel and Gretel

After work, the ‘asarin-si-Dulce ‘ gang gathered to watch Hansel and Gretel (special thanks to our sponsor – bawi kami next time, pramis!). Jenli had some errands to do and went ahead while we wait for the rest of the group and we just met her at the mall.

The gala will not be complete without Dulce’s famous words like “So shuree (so sorry)” and “kaladkarrrrn (kaladkarin)”. Hahahaha.

HG_UK_1sht (Large)

Now, the movie. The scenery reminded us of Twilight and Del predicted an appearance of a character and we were laughing so hard when the prediction came true. The story was kinda predictable but the execution of the movie was bloody entertaining. The fight scenes were bloody good, so bloody good I had my eyes closed almost all of the time. If gory movies are your thing, then you’d love every second of this movie. I didn’t know that Hansel and Gretel is that kind of movie but I still enjoyed it, thanks to the great company I had (healing waters! But insulin works so much better than healing waters. Haha.). Keeping our fingers crossed for a part two!

My favorite thing about the movie is the weapons they used. I’m not really a fan of crossbows (if you’re using a trigger to fire your weapon, why not just use a gun? same principle but less bulky.) but I want a crossbow just like Gretel’s. Best weapon in the movie!