Movie Marathon

Our game plan for this weekend: Movie Marathon

Attendees: Me, Rhoda and Dulce

Cinemalaya: Bwakaw, Ang Nawawala then The Dark Knight Rises. That’s three movies in a row. Haha.What we didn’t expect: Tickets for Cinemalaya (yes, both movies we wanted to watch) were already sold out. I know, we should have bought tickets before hand.

Oh, well. change of plans. We decided to watch a Dolphy movie instead and we were lucky to catch My Heart Belongs to Daddy just in time. Bongga! Old school ang peg! Ang mga kasabay namin manood parang mga doble o triple na ng edad namin. Wahahaha. Kami lang ata ang naligaw dun. Lahat ng tao asa Cinemalaya o Dark Knight.

Well, what do you expect from a Dolphy movie? Of course it was funny. It was a good thing there were only a few of us inside the theater. The three of us were laughing so loud and side comments were thrown left and right. It was a treat seeing one of best comedians on screen again. Indeed, you never fail to make us smile. But what made us laugh so hard was one of the talents he discovered: Mr. Ronnie Ricketts! Oh wow. All I can say was we were surprised to see a very different side of him in this movie. If you need a good laugh, go catch this movie and see how different Ronnie Ricketts was when he started…. We came out still laughing and talking about him. Wahahahaha!

The initial plan was to watch The Dark Knight Rises at Robinsons Galleria so that we get that free meal at Burgoo. But I had another agenda and so we decided to watch the movie at Megamall instead.

I went to do my thing while they buy tickets. The earliest screening schedule that they could get starts at 5:55 and we still had two hours to spare. We were supposed to look for Rhoda’s poledancing shorts and Sofitel outfit when we spotted Akiba Cafe and decided to try it out.

I got their Matcha Chiru, Rhoda chose Jap Choco Yougurt and Dulce ordered a Nutty Macadamia Kohi. We were in luck because they have a discount on their cakes from 1-5pm so we choose a slice of the Cream Puff Cake.

Jap Choco Yogurt and a slice of Cream Puff Cake

Jap Choco Yogurt and a slice of Cream Puff Cake

The Cream Puff Cake looked better on display but it was an okay cake. Nothing to make you say yum with every bite. The drinks were really good though. I really liked my Matcha Chiru.

While we were busy with our drinks, one of the staff approached us and asked us to pick a piece of paper from a bag for a chance to get discounts on our next transaction. Rhoda and Dulce both got lucky and got 50% off on any order of a drink or a slice of cake. The staff was friendly and informed us that their promo ends tomorrow. We immediately choose to order two more slices of cake.

Green Tea Cheesecake

Wow. Their Green Tea Cheesecake became an instant favorite. Hindi naman mashadong halata na favorite ko ang Green Tea noh? Hahaha. Green Tea overload kaya anong oras na, gising na gising pa din ako. Oh, right. We got so excited to try it that we forgot to take its picture first before digging in. So if it looks small in the picture, we apologize. We already had a few bites before we remembered to take a picture. ^__^v


Next, Tiramisu. My first comment after taking a bite: “Hindi tama ito. Bakit ganito? Ang sarap!” And both girls agreed. We loved both cakes better than the first one we got. The staff asked us how the cakes were and we answered with very big smiles on our faces.

Time check. We finished our drinks and started to search for things we need for next week’s agenda. We looked around for a few minutes. Since the tickets we got were free seating, we came back and the line was already a bit long.

The Dark Knight Rises Official Poster

We knew that the movie will be a long one, almost three hours, so we took a bathroom break first before the movie. I don’t even know how to start describing the movie. All I can say that I came out with puffy and teary eyes, sniffing but happy. I have a feeling that I will wake up tomorrow with my eyes all red. My only complaint was that I couldn’t understand majority of what Bane was saying. I wish they dubbed some of his lines instead. Sabi nga ni Zaicy “Si Bane parang ngongo na nagsasalita sa tapat ng electric fan.” Hahahaha.

Nakakagutom yung movie. Napagod ako. At gusto ko pa ng take two sa IMAX kasi meron daw scenes na hindi kasali sa regular screening pero asa IMAX. Kaso tight ang budget. 🙂

1am na at tinatamaan na ako ng antok. Nytnyt! Busy day uli bukas mamaya pagkagising.